Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unschooling & Kalahari

We went to the Unschooling Conference. It was awesome! We had a blast at the Kalahari Water Park. If you get a chance, it is definitely worth a drive to Sandusky, Ohio, it was so much fun.

Yep, we rode that!

The wave pool -- almost everyone's favorite.

Our awesome room. It came with a kitchen, so mama cooked and we saved major bank!

Did I mention the drive was long??? It was long, the kids went bonkers, but we made it.

Zhara made a friend named Abbie. She was cool. We went to a funshop on balloon twisting. The kids had a lot of fun at that. I loved meeting all the unschooling families and listening to the speakers. Well, the kids and Adam got the stomach flu, so there were some things we missed, but it was still a lot of fun. There were 400 other unschooling families there -- crazy! We are definitely going back again next year, and the kids have already declared that their friends Aden and Lily from KC are coming, too. Hear that Tara, you'll be staying in our room so you guys can come. Zhara and Angus say so.

The bathtub was huge, and had whirlpool jets. It was almost as popular as the waterpark, especially when we added mommy's homemade bubble bath to it.

We attended the talent show. Well, Angus and I did, the rest were too sick. It was amazing how much talent there was. We also got to see Up at movie night, had a lot of fun helping with, and participating in, the carnival, and threw down at the dance. The dance was my favorite. It was just terrific how much the kids all got along so well.

We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and nobody could resist taking this photo.

The speakers were mostly amazing unschooling moms who have been doing this for years and were wonderful to pick their brains and listen to what works and doesn't for them. But, I also got to meet John Taylor Gatto and hear him speak. So cool!


  1. Every year I almost go (we're nearby and it's organized by our local moms) and then I just can't afford it. Wish we could. Maybe next year. Glad you had fun!

    Who did you see speak (besides Gatto - I mean the moms)? Kim Conti? Debra Burres?

  2. I heard Kelly Lovejoy, Debra Bures, Dayna Martin, and Laura Flynn Endres.

    It'd be awesome to get to meet you there next year.