Friday, November 12, 2010

Building Fairy Houses

It was fairy house building day!

A few unschooling friends and I have started a kids' craft circle. We are meeting every other Friday. Today was our first get together. It was a huge success.

Twelve kids, four moms, tons of boxes and craft supplies, and hot glue guns -- can't go wrong with that combo.

We had a LOT of craft supplies. The kids were in heaven.

The kids did such an amazing job. All of them were incredibly creative.

This is Zhara's. As soon as we got home she put it on the front porch for the fairies to make use of. It was the cutest thing. She's so excited.

The kids also had plenty of fun just playing, and making a mess out of Stephanie's house. Big thanks to Stephanie for letting the kids run wild, and have a great day.

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