Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween is Coming

 We are fans of Halloween.  Really, we are.  So last year when our friends, the McKinneys, made these delightful Halloween votives out of old glass jars, I was in.  We were going to make them with the McKinneys when they came over to play the other day, but then we got busy making other Halloween crafts, and playing, and that didn't happen.  So today, having saved many a spaghetti sauce, jelly, and iced coffee bottle, we made some of our own, using a bit of paint. 

 Wednesday worked on a jack-o-lantern, and Angus made a Frankenstein and a ghost.

Zhara made candy corn, a Frankenstein, and a Bride of Frankenstein.  And I contributed several of my own, because I'm just a big kid when it comes to Halloween, too.

We plan on adding tea light candles to them, and placing them outside on our front steps.  I think they'll be especially spooky for Zhara's Zombie Prom in a couple of weeks. 

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