Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super Heroes of Unschooling

The kids are getting more and more interested in delving into more concrete subjects and concepts. We sort of noticed it when Zhara started watching Through the Wormhole, a physics show on the Science channel, with Adam and I, and really enjoying it. She's always loved science, but she was getting really advanced theories of quantum mechanics, so I ordered this cool book -- Physics: Why Matter Matters, which, like all of Simon Basher's books, has a great super hero theme, and thus, a connective tissue for our unschool was born -- Super Heroes. I have since ordered more of his books, and we created a super hero chart for our own selves.

We are:
Me = Super Mom (look, I got wings)
Dad = Octo-Daddy (of the cephalopod variety, not the 8 kids kind)
Angus = Dino Man (not shocking!)
Zhara = Sunny (a superhero who was created by a small piece of the sun breaking off)
Wednesday = Super Pirate Butterfly Girl

We even made a poster for our physics stuff -- we rock!

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