Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer off

As always, we tend to not be around on the computer for very long in the summer. Too much time outside, or swimming, or playing with friends. No time for here, but I'm sure you all survived fine without our updates. Let's see, what's happened with us thus far this summer...

We celebrated Zhara and Wednesday's birthdays -- 10 and 4 respectively.

Wednesday's party was celebrated with friends in the backyard, on a rented and much enjoyed bouncy house. Zhara's was celebrated while we were visiting family in Kansas City. We spent the night with some of her friends and our family at The Great Wolf Lodge water park. It was pretty awesome!

A great time was had by all!

Speaking of the trip... we had a good time in Kansas City, but as always, four days in a car full of travel is a lot for two adults, three kids, and two dogs.

This is us enjoying Papa Gary and Nana Kaye's pond on the Fourth of July. And Grammy Glynda and Papa Bob introduced Angus to Alf while we were in KC, and he fell in love.

We also just did a whole lot of playing this summer.

Winnie and Olly made good use of the trampoline.

We used the hot tub as a mini-pool.

Some days we used whatever we could as a pool.
Here, Angus demonstrates the many uses of a cooler on a very hot day.

And sometimes we just hung out and invented new things to do with friends.
This day, the kids hosted an impromptu parade.

We found some new passions -- Angus discovered a deep and abiding love for Legos,

...and Lego Youtube videos.

Sometimes love is very very messy.

Zhara honed her circus skills with even more aerial arts classes.

And Wednesday took a British soccer camp and fell in love with her coach, Owen.

Everyone worked hard at karate. Zhara and Angus became purple belts, and Wednesday a yellow stripe little ninja. Angus and Zhara even got to attend their first tournament.

Ohhh, medals!

Sometimes the coolest finds, were small, but important.

Angus, discovering the joy of writing away for, and receiving a much-loved treasure.
And of dressing up like somebody you like (Mario!)

Even Mom and Dad got in on the action.

I ran my first half marathon.

Dad learned the love of making his own wine and hard apple cider, and doing some woodworking.

But that's not to say we didn't go anywhere, other than Kansas. We went on many outings.

To see the Pioneer Day floats:

To Kennecott Copper Mine, the largest copper mine in the world.

That's one big hole! So big, you can see it from space!

Hiking at Bridal Veil Falls.

The Utah State Capitol. We did the full tour.
The Gateway Discovery Children's Museum.
Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake
A free Friday night movie on the lawn of the Capitol.

Picnic at the Zoo
Even lounging around with the pouches at a local lake.

Sometimes our best times were just hanging out at home,

especially when dad was at home!

Wednesday in the garden.

The summer wasn't totally rosy. Our landlord tore up our front yard to replace the sewer. Note the backhoe in our front yard. I'll spare you the 9 foot high wall of debris photo.

And we had lots of medical stuff...
Angus had a seizure.

We all got diagnosed with some major allergies.

... and Zhara and I, with asthma, as well. We're all learning about our new maintenance med.s

Adam has had a recurrence of his tumor, and at this time, we wait for further news on that, and what is to come for our family. Regardless, we are in it together, and for the long haul. We all made it out on the other side, and we will continue to thrive. To live, and learn each day, as we love doing.

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