Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Fallish Bridal Veil Falls

We love exploring the wilderness of Utah.  We do it a lot, in fact.  Today we ended up heading to a very chilly Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.  It was no more than 50 degrees, and the kids proclaimed they were freezing throughout, though you will note from the photos that they still stripped to their swimsuits and explored the even colder water.  Brrrrr!  I did not join them.  :)

We took our friends the McKinneys with us.  It was their first visit to the Falls, and they enjoyed it thoroughly.  Zhara took Josh and Emma (their two oldest) exploring up the side of the falls to the top of the first tier, which is her absolute favorite thing to do there.  The younger kiddos and Stephanie and I stayed at the bottom, threw rocks in the river, and played in the water.

Thankfully, we brought lots of blankets, as they were put to good use!  
Eli's favorite part was definitely throwing rocks in the river.

Sometimes you have to bundle up with friends.

 Despite the cold, the kids still climbed on the rocks and logs in the water.   I'm not sure how they stood it, as even on very hot days, my feet freeze from the cold mountain run off.

Winnie and Angus occasionally consented to merely peering into the water from the bridge.

Then there were the ever present invented games -- Winnie and Eli pretended to be flying with the orange blanket.  And the entire kid crew got in on a game of doctor, whereby, one or two members of the party had "fallen down the mountain" and the rest used rocks, water, the laying on of hands, and shamanic chanting to revive them.

All and all, a pretty fun and beautiful day of "school".

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