Monday, October 5, 2009


We always have to find something to do while Zhara has guitar lessons. Today I needed to get some straw bales to use for mulch in the garden before it gets too cold. So we went to the garden store. No trip to the garden store is ever complete for Angus and Wednesday without a visit to the koi pond. There are some BIG koi in there. They are friendly. Very very friendly. They like to be fed. A lot. I found a quarter in the bottom of my purse. So they were fed. Great excitement ensued. For both the fish and the kids.

Later on, after dinner, we tidied up, then the kids put faces on their pumpkins from the front porch. Angus got a haircut. I would almost rather remove an arm. Trimming an autistic child's hair should just be illegal, it really is that horrible. He does like the end result, though. And Zhara played on the talking globe given to us by Ms. Kerri. She likes it a lot, and I think it will really help with her teaching herself geography.

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