Monday, October 19, 2009

Princess Bride & More

We watched Princess Bride tonight for the first time with the kids. Oh, they loved it. Pirates and princesses. They thought they were in heaven. Then afterward we had a wrestling and tickle fight. So much fun. Unschooling at it's finest.

We read three more chapters of Alice in Wonderland this afternoon. That means we are now almost halfway through with the book. I put Through the Looking Glass on hold at the library, since it looks like we'll probably be at it before the weekend. The kids beg for the next chapter when we get to the end. They are really loving it.

Angus really learned to peddle and stay on the bike with training wheels yesterday. He rode all the way around the block. Today he insisted we take the bikes and big wheels to the park, and he rode around and around the park on the sidewalk until it was time to take Zhara to guitar lessons. Every now and again he would get stalled and need a push, but overall he is zipping along with it. Now if Zhara would only learn to ride without training wheels, we could hit the road and put some miles on the bikes. In her time, I know she will. It just has to click. We need to get her new training wheels to replace the ones she broke jumping off of the bike earlier this summer.

We are still LOVING what radical unschooling is giving us. Yesterday in the car on the way home from dropping Dalton off, Zhara pulled the multiplication flash cards out of my purse that she likes to keep there to play with when she gets bored. She learned how to multiply by 11s and 5s in like 5 minutes by asking me a couple of questions. It is amazing. When they are ready. It is there. And she is learning to add and subtract in her head better than I do. She isn't just memorizing this stuff, she is LEARNING it. Getting it. Grasping the deeper concepts. You can actually physically see it click in her eyes when she understands it. It is wild to watch when it happens. It totally makes every bit of unschooling worth it, those moments. Well, that and the absolutely amazing relationship that we now get to have with our kids.

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