Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Friday

This morning Adam took Angus to preschool and John met them there so they could have a Dad(s) and Donuts dealio. He seemed to have enjoyed it when I picked him up before lunch. The girls and I went to Winnie's tumbling class, where Zhara alternatively helped Winnie with her tumbling and worked on a cross-word puzzle on the US States that Grandma had given us the last time we saw her.

There was quite a bit of temper tantruming as we picked up Angus from preschool. I think everyone was hungry, as now they all seem to have greatly improved moods. We collected some pine cones this morning from the preschool parking lot, and were all set to do pine cone art this afternoon, but Winnie was tired and is now down for a nap, and Zhara and Angus each got involved in their own full-scale Lego build while I was putting Winnie down for a nap. Now no one (except for me) is interested in doing pine cone art. So I can wait.

The weather is so perfect and fall-y. I think we'll hit the park this afternoon and over to Kerri's for dinner and playing tonight. I don't really want to be inside too much.

Zhara has a Girl Scout Camp Out tomorrow night, and I am going to try and press the family into helping me in the garden tomorrow morning, so that we can get it ready for fall/winter. Plus, I still need to harvest and store the last of the potatoes for the winter.

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