Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Chilly Day at the Zoo

Last week, despite the chilly temperatures, we had had enough of being inside, so we met up with our friend, Stephanie, and her kiddos and headed to the zoo. It was cold, but we bundled, and because it was cold, we had the zoo almost to ourselves. Just because it's cold, didn't mean the kids could avoid the giant marble water feature.

Here's Zhara with our friends Eli, Emma, and Lily communing with the orangutans. This one seemed absolutely enthralled with baby Lily.

We learned that giraffes apparently like to eat Christmas trees. Great way to recycle, huh? Every one of them had their own Christmas tree to nibble on, but this one on the left seemed to prefer his buddy's snack to his own. While we were there the giraffes were being gross in several different ways -- the boys loved it.

Baby Lily prefers the zoo with a snack.

Getting to see the Amur Snow Leopard in an actual snowy habitat was pretty cool.

Wednesday, meet giant crocodile. Giant crocodile, meet Wednesday.

Angus, Wednesday, and our friend, Joshua, observed the desert cat. Normally, it never wakes up to move around for us, but that day it put on quite a show. We decided that it looks kind of like a house cat who ran into the glass door and flattened out it's face.

Wednesday had no problem watching this vulture consume a dead rabbit carcass. Grandma (who loves vultures) will be so proud. This vulture's friend up in the tree, put on a show of opening his wings to full wingspan as we walked by.

Honestly, I think the kids had just about as much fun climbing around on the rocks as they did anything else. After we finished walking around we headed over to the zoo's playground, and despite it being covered in snow, and the kids already being cold, they played and played until they could no longer feel their fingers, and we headed for home.

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