Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

We may not go to school, but that doesn't mean we don't have parties. Our local Unschoolers group got together last Friday, February 11th, for a rockin' Valentine's party. One of our families is part of a local co-housing coop, and they offered up their awesome meeting house for the party. The kids loved it, because the meeting house contains a kid's room, and a playground outside. The kids not only got to spend lots of time making Valentine mailboxes and eating treats, but running here and there about the co-housing community.

Here's Wednesday and her best friend, Mary working on decorating their mailboxes with lots of stickers.

Our friend, Owen, drew many of the boys away from the party with some comic books that he had just gotten from the library. When you're a 6-8 year-old boy, it's hard to say no to comic books.

After we made our mailboxes, the kids all mailed their Valentines.

We also brought snacks and treats -- you can see that table in the back of this picture. You can also see Magnolia, a small unschooling party attendee, who very much enjoyed the pink-frosted cupcakes.

Some people gave treats with their Valentines. Mary and Wednesday holed up on the floor to properly sort and consume theirs.

And Lily, therefore, was able to get in and steal the occasional cookie from those during the sorting. :)

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