Thursday, February 24, 2011

Humane Society Fieldtrip

On Wednesday, our Unschoolers group went on a field trip to the Utah Humane Society. We had an awesome guide who had worked at the shelter for 20 years. She was funny, and gave us tons of amazing facts about shelters and animals waiting for adoption.

Did you know that if every shelter animal that is currently waiting for adoption was adopted, every single person (not family, but person) in the United States would have to own 2 dogs and 10 cats. Can you even imagine? We'd all be on Animal Hoarders! She stressed the dire need to spay and neuter your pets.

We also got a tour of the dogs and cats. We even got to pet a select few. We also learned the silly reasons that some people have for abandoning their pets, and how the pets at the shelter are priced for adoption.

At the end we went back to the learning room, where we got to pet a rabbit that is up for adoption, and see the teacher's dog (who was, of course, adopted from the shelter) do a number of impressive tricks.

Afterward, we weren't all ready to part, so despite the chilly temperatures, we headed to a nearby park to play.

Zhara really liked the spinning chairs.

Angus, Wednesday, and our friends, Owen and Olivia really liked this giant spinning merry-go-round.

Zhara vegged out a little on the chairs under the play structure.

Zhara and our friends, Emma and Olivia explored the nearby creek, and were amazed that despite the cold temps, there were still ducks around.

Our littlest friend, Lily, was too chilly to play, so she sat happily bundled for part of the time, and snuggled on her mom the rest of it.


  1. Thanks for setting up the field trip! I was amazed to hear the numbers of homeless pets:( Also how nonchalantly people acquire animals and then give them up for no good reason. We got our last dog from there, he was 2 years old and the reason the people gave for giving him up was just that they didn't want him anymore.

  2. That's what we get for bolting! It would have been fun to play at the park. It was such a nice day.