Friday, March 25, 2011


For the past month we've been hatching butterflies. We bought the Butterfly Habitat, and sent away for the caterpillars. They came as tiny little circles in a small container. They grew and grew and grew. And then eventually they climbed to the top of their container and became chrysalises. Four of our eggs survived to become caterpillars.

Once they were stable in their cocoons, we moved them into their butterfly habitat. There they have sat, pinned to the side of the habitat for a week and a half. Until today, when we were out shopping, we became butterfly parents. We laid a slice of orange in the bottom for her to feed off of, as the insect company suggested, Tomorrow we will buy some fresh flowers that we can drip sugar water onto for the butterflies to feed on after they all emerge.

We will keep them until it is warm enough to release them, and then we will let them go.

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