Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Great Timeline Project

So I was reading an unschooling book the other day and one of the contributors mentioned that her children had created a timeline out of butcher paper that ran down their hallway. Then everytime they studied a new time period, or person, they would add it to the timeline to give the kids a sense of contextually when that person lived or event happened. Zhara and I talked about it, and she thought that was awesome. So this morning we created our own, and we added a few things that we have learned about recently. It's exciting because Zhara is writing the time periods up there, so she can practice her spelling and her handwriting, as well as getting a sense when things happened.


  1. I saw this on another unschooler's blog last year and thought about doing it too. The only question I have is what happens if you have the spacing all messed up?

  2. Yay, I figure we'll just expand or alter if necessary. We already talked about how the actual length between the time periods isn't really representative, as some representative millions of years and some a few years.