Thursday, December 3, 2009

Justinian and More Fun History

We have been having a lot of fun with history in the past two weeks. We've been listening to the Story of the World when we're in the car, and the kids are really loving it. They ask for it now. We learned about Justinian and his very strong ruling wife, the Empress, Theodora, of the Byzantine Empire.

We ordered the Middle Ages activity book to go along with what we're listening to. It arrived yesterday, and we are excited to do some of the fun things. There are meals to cook, paper dolls, and all kinds of fun craft activities. Very exciting.

Zhara and I are also reading the final Kaya American Girl book for her American Girl Club that meets this afternoon. So we are learning about the Nez Perce before the white man's appearance. It is nice because it is written with the help of current Nez Perce elders, so in many ways, it is a look into a different and ancient culture for Zhara that she wouldn't get any other way.

We start Josefina, the story of a New Mexico girl from 1824 next. We will work our way through that whole series with the Club. Zhara is really starting to love history, which makes her mom, that loves history, ever so excited.

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