Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catch Up

Oh, we have been bad bloggers. Sorry. Alas, it is Christmas, and I am making about 1/2 our presents, so that has been a major focus. In addition, we have all had a bad bad cold, one that ruptured Winnie's ear drum, so yeah, not so good.

Now, however, we are all on the mend and ready for Christmas tomorrow.

But for your viewing pleasure, here's a recap of the past week or so (I promise no pictures of the yucky ear).

Zhara designed and drew this on the computer. I thought it was pretty gorgeous.

A few days ago we had "board game day," where all we did was play board games all day. It was awesome. Winnie won Pretty Pretty Princess.

Zhara and I played a 4 hour game of Monopoly. She got REALLY good at doing math in her head.

Angus found alternative uses for Jenga

We don't have pictures, but we also took dad to visit Moon Marble last week and we picked up more pieces for our marble run, which the kids have been putting to good use. Dad had lots of fun, BTW.

Last Sunday we went to Union Station to see the Christmas train. It was a long wait, but the kids had fun and the train, as always, was beautiful.

We are Unitarians, and I am an Atheist, but Angus goes to a Baptist preschool three mornings a week because they are an awesome place, with low key people, and he loves playing with his friends there. So, of course, he got picked to play Joseph in the Christmas pageant. Hilarious. He decided to wear a mohawk for the occasion. Perfect. And the preschool teachers loved it.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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