Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Science Tuesday

So today the kids decided to craft their own science experiments. This involved a lot of water and ice usage, so I shooed them into the bathroom. They did not want my help, so I left them pretty much alone, with caveats to be careful of the hot water, and to ask your older sister before you chuck something in the water bucket. They did multiple experiments, involving hot, warm, and cold water, and the use of ice in each. Also, what temperature water magazine disintegrates in faster, and "does it float?" where a variety of items from our home got dropped in water to determine their flotation abilities.

They seemed to have a good time. At my suggestion, Zhara took some notes on "does it float?," and she relayed what she learned about the melting of ice and the feeling of the water at different water temperatures to dad when he got home tonight at dinner. Unschooling at it's finest, peeps!

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