Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Ended up not to be too crazy, actually. No one wanted to do my hair, so mine was just in a bun part of the day and down the rest. Boo!

Winnie went crazy by actually allowing me to touch her hair. Normally she wears it in a lovely furry fro on the sides, matted dreds in the back look, but today she relented and agreed to let me actually touch it. I managed to even get a couple swipes of a brush in. She wore these piggies in her hair until almost 2 pm, which is like a world record, I think.

How could this face ever be destructive? Behind it lies an evil genius ready to strike!

Angus did the traditional very spiked, very wet look that he favors. It's kind of The Fonz meets Keith Richards, but it works for him.

Complete with rock star meets monster face.

Zhara originally wanted to me to braid 9 braids in her hair, then braid those into three braids, then those into one. I told her if she ever hoped to leave the house today, that she might want to simplify the plan. So we went with the princess side french braid into a pony tail at the back, and then for a while, into a side ponytail. It also made it until about 2pm, so overall the hair was successful.
This shot says, "mom, get the hell out of my face with the camera!"

While we ran errands, the kids watched Aliens in the Attic in the car, which they had checked out from the library yesterday, and for the past two hours there has been a very involved game of Aliens in the Attic occurring on my main floor. Complete with homemade (during dinner) PVC pipe guns filled with marbles and things being flung from the balcony. We will be prepared in case of alien attack apparently. I feel so much more secure now.

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