Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Science, Legos, and the Moon Landing

Well, the past few days we have been trying to at least touch on our special day status each day.

Monday was Lego Day. We built Legos in the basement. The kids want to build a replica of Bridal Veil Falls here in Utah out of Legos. Turns out that despite the massive amount of Legos that we do have, we don't have near enough browns and grays to construct the Falls.

Then around lunchtime, the kids got to talking about the moon and whether we, as a people, had ever been to the moon. So I got out the book that Gretchen gave me called The American Story, and we read the chapter on the moon landing. Then we pulled up the images of the landing on the internet and the kids watched Neil Armstrong on the moon for a few minutes. Angus thought that the saying, "One small step for man, one small leap for mankind," was hilarious. We talked about what it meant, but it apparently it was still really fun. We read about how many people worldwide watched the landing on TV, and then looked up the population of the US at that time. Zhara was amazed that 300 million more people watched the moon landing than even lived in the US at that time. We also talked about the space race, and John F. Kennedy's role in it, and after that they had had enough history for the day.

Tuesday was our activities day, so we spent a lot of time running between tumbling, piano, and karate, and tidying the house.

Today is Science Day. This morning Angus and Wednesday and I did a rainforest animal puzzle, and Winnie helped me bake a carrot cake from scratch. My kids are wild for carrot cake, and there is nothing to me as scientific as baking, so there you go. Then we all went on a nature walk to the pond. We found tons of wooly worm caterpillars, and brought one back with us for our bug habitat. We will set him free in a day or two, but for now, he is happily munching on leaves. There is much controversy about whether he should be named Spike, Bob, or Fuzzy. I'm staying out of it, frankly.

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