Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day at the Zoo & Potatoes

Yesterday we were busy, and productive, so today, we went to the zoo. Sunday is a wonderful day to do kid-friendly activities in Utah when one is not religious. Everything clears out remarkably.

Snuggling with dad.

The kids and I have been to the zoo a couple of times since we've been here. We bought a pass a few weeks after moving. Adam, however, due to the fact that he is always at work during the week, had never been. So the kids got to introduce him to the zoo. I will say, that Utah's Hogle Zoo is not particularly impressive, but the kids have fun, so it doesn't really matter how awesome of a zoo it really is, actually.

Prairie dogs

My family acting like prairie dogs.

Cougar, being a cougar on a warm day

Their favorite part, is generally the beginning, where there is a giant marble ball water fountain that they can lay up against and touch, and the end, when we go to the very expansive playground. The animals are pleasant distractions in the middle. My kids tend to end up acting like monkeys the most of the time anyway, so it works.

We're home now, and the kids are helping Adam put together the Ikea toy chest we bought last night to store our potatoes in for the winter. We got an entire hour-long date last night, as the kids finally decided that the Ikea playplace would be fun, and agreed to stay without us for an hour. It was delightful.

It is time to dig up the potatoes, and get them in from the garden before it gets too cold. Zhara drew a lovely pattern on the side of the toy chest, and Winnie is helping Adam drill holes over the pattern to ventilate the spuds. I'm excited to get them up. We planted red and blue potatoes this year, so it should be a fun winter of red, blue, and purple mash and roasted potatoes.

Fun with power tools.

It was hot, dirty work, but we got it done -- our potato crop. We did lose quite a few to snails, but I think that we'll still be well fed this winter, regardless.

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