Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Unschooler's Schedule

The kids and I sat down yesterday, and made up a schedule for October. They love having special days -- pj day, science project day, games day. So I printed out a blank calendar page for September and October and we filled the last few days of September, and the whole month of October up with fun days. I had previously put all of the kids' activities -- tumbling, piano, and karate -- on Tuesdays, except for the second evening of karate a week, so that I always know that day is out for extra activities. It works well with the schedule, too.

Today when we went to the library, we checked out books for each of next week's days -- Lego Day, Funny Hairstyle Day, Park Activity Day, and Halloween decorating day. Then each week when we go to the library we'll do the same. The kids are really excited. And actually, so am I. They came up with some really good ideas. We even have a Chinese Culture Day. We put that one on payday, the day we normally go grocery shopping, etc. so that we can go out to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. So, if this experiment works, then we will keep it going for the whole year.

Tomorrow is Crazy Hairstyle Day, and also payday, so I am very much looking forward to us all going grocery shopping with some very inventive new 'dos. :)

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  1. Long time lurker, first time commenter.
    Love you, love your show!
    Please post pics of them attempting to use chopsticks while out in public with crazy hair. I really need to see this!