Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is Coming!

See those? Those are seeds. They're next to my bed. They are sprouting, as I write this. It's worth the incovenience to getting in and out of bed to have these there. They are becoming amazing seedlings and micro-greens. You know why??? Because spring is coming! Yes, indeed it is, and we are excited about it. It's not here, yet, and in Utah, it may be late April or so before the snow completely stops, but the signs are there.

Yesterday we went on a field trip with our Unschoolers group. When we got back, the kids were antsy from being good for a prolonged period of time, so I turned them loose outside. It was only 50 degrees, but it was warm enough. They played in the front circle drive and literally (I kid not) climbed up and sat on top of the shed roof for like 2 hours.

Winnie is taking her stuffies for an outing. Apparently even they needed to get out and get some air.

The kids have really gotten into archery. Zhara got her compund bow and arrows for Christmas, but it's still a little dangerous for Angus and Winnie, so they are using this foam version. Dad has promised to take them to the indoor archery range that we found in town sometime in the next few weeks.

Even Olly enjoyed being out. It's hard to get a picture of him, he doesn't stand still long enough. I think I need a better camera for those pictures.

Evidence of the roof going. This was the girls (Zhara and her friend, Livie's) initial attempt at getting up there. After that, we got Angus up, and lots of blankets, pillows, and art supplies, and they spent the afternoon "feeling free" as Zhara said.

This morning Zhara was telling me that the three of them were having a long conversation on the roof about how much they love their lives. That they feel free, and like they can truly be kids and enjoy their lives because of how they are being raised. How Angus said that he definitely wants to raise his kids like this. Um, wow. This makes a mama cry a little. I am so glad that they realize what this life means. And, honestly, I cannot imagine a time when I was in school where I would say I loved my life just as it was. This is wonderfully crazy.

There was chalk and lots of ride on toys. There always are.

Angus would give Livie a ride just about anywhere. He's more than a little sweet on her.

Ostara is the name for the Spring Equinox in pagan culture. This year it is on March 20th. This morning we started talking about Ostara. We celebrate both pagan and Christian holidays, as we have both in our family. The kids love getting double duty on the holidays.

Yesterday we got the Ostara kids activity book that I had ordered in the mail.

This morning we read a story and did coloring pages about the coming holiday from the book Spring is coming.

Our finished artwork, hung for all to see.

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