Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We went to the Fire Station!

Last Friday, the Unschoolers went to visit the fire station in Sugarhouse, which is an older cool neighborhood in Salt Lake. It was pretty awesome. The firefighters of Salt Lake Fire Engine #3 were amazing. They showed the kids everything on the fire truck, talked some about fire safety, and even let them try on a firefighters outfit. The kids were in heaven. Note Wednesday's look of absolute excitement as she "drove" the truck.

We got to peek in all of the compartments of the fire truck. Who knew they carried that much stuff?

Everyone got to climb around both compartments of the fire truck, and we got to meet the people who ride on the truck, the man who drives it, as well as the firefighters who go into the blaze. Here our friend, Olivia, shows off her driving prowess.

The firefighters showed us what the uniform looks like when it's on. All of those super heavy clothes protect him from the fire, and he can get them on in less than a minute!

We all agreed that the oxygen mask made him sound like Darth Vader, but now none of us will be scared of the firefighter if we see or hear him coming to help us in a fire.

All the kids got plastic fire helmets to wear and take with them, but we also got to try on the actual helmet, which made everyone feel like a bobble head doll, it was so heavy.

Even Ms. Jennifer gave it a try.

The coat could have been an entire tent for Wednesday, and she fell over trying on the pants and boots. :)

Angus gave the coat a whirl.

The firefighters even sent a message over the intercom system welcoming us, and showing us what an alert would sound like in the event of an actual fire. At the end we all got coloring books and pencils. It was an awesome field trip. A huge thank you goes out to the awesome guys at Engine #3.

When it was over, the weather was so nice, we went to the park across the street to play. Almost as soon as we got there, we heard the sirens, and the firetruck headed out on a call. We had some good timing for our fieldtrip!

Zhara, Olivia, and Sophie enjoyed watching the ducks at the pond.

Wednesday and Mary were more interested in throwing dirt clods in the water. The poor ducks thought they were going to get fed bread, but no such luck from these girls.

As we walked around to play at the play structure, the fire engine came back, and we got to watch it park back at the fire station. Overall, an amazing day!

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