Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Trip to the Grocery Store

Utah has a locally-owned grocery store called Harmons. They have awesome foods, and source as many of their products from local and organic producers as possible. Yesterday our Unschoolers group took a field trip. We had a very nice tour guide, Jenn, who took us all around.

I think the kids favorite part was the fact that at every stop around the store, we got samples of food -- gelato ice cream, brick oven pizza, artisan cheese, artisan bread, fresh baked cookies, pasta salad, shrimp. We were not hungry when we finished.

This is Shauna, the cheesemonger. She taught us a lot about the different kinds of cheeses, why they look like they do, what makes the colors of the cheese, where they come from. It was really interesting, even for those of us who are lactose intolerant. :)

At the end we got coloring books and balloons. It's hard to beat that for an end to a field trip. The only thing Winnie was mad about was that we didn't get to go in the back. Otherwise, it was thumbs up all the way around. Thank you, Harmons!

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