Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Review

Our Christmas was a lot about MASSIVE amounts of snow and bitter cold. So the snow we did get that was not complete powder from the cold, of course got made into a snow person family by the kids. And there was a lot of sledding in our front yard, as it was almost too cold to go too far from the house to sled for the little kids.

The kids got lots of good presents. Tons of Playmobil. Here's Santa demonstrating the walk of shame in handcuffs. Angus makes me laugh. New musical instruments and lots of science things from grandma and papa, as well as toys, tutus, and lots of games.

We went down to Osage City yesterday to visit Grandma Kaye and Papa Gary and spend time with the Aunts and Cousin Emma. This was the awesome scene we got to watch out the car window as a train sprayed up snow from the tracks when it barreled through. It was pretty cool, even for a day when the temperatures hovered at zero most of the time.

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