Sunday, October 10, 2010

Children of the Corn

I call the kids "children of the corn" a lot. I don't remember how it started, but they enjoy it, and are really unaware of the obscure and odd movie reference, so it works. Well, yesterday, they truly were. We went to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. Oh my goodness, we had so much fun. We went to a slightly smaller version from the huge one right down the road from us. Mostly because the one at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi would cost around $60 for us to all go, so we scrapped that one fast.

Here's the map.

Instead, we went to Utah's Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah. It was a truly good time. The corn maze has a map that they give each kid to follow and they have to find checkpoints along the way. It is not easy navigating through all that corn. At each checkpoint, the kids had to punch a hole in the appropriate spot, and then if they returned the completed map at the end, they got a prize. Oh, they were all over that.

Zhara and Angus did almost all the navigating by themselves.
There was an occasional consultation with dad, but mostly, they made it through on their own.

Our fearless leaders.

We made it to the end, and had an absolute blast along the way. Honestly, it was so much fun, even for Adam and I.

Punching the map.

Winnie's favorite part by far was the corn. You'd think the child had never seen corn, or had not spent the bulk of her life in the Midwest. She loved it. She would stop constantly and scream -- "look, corn!" with amazement, as if we weren't completely surrounded by it. She collected kernals in her pocket, and bounded along happily singing odes to the corn.

After we emerged from the corn, the kids claimed their prizes -- coupons for McDonald's french fries or Chik-Fil-A ice cream -- both we enjoy very much.

Then we headed over to pick pumpkins. We each trekked out into the field, and picked one just right for us. That way we will have plenty to carve and decorate for Halloween.

At the end, there was a huge climbing wall. Everybody wanted to climb it, but it ended up that Zhara was the only one brave enough to make it up above dad's head. She made it all the way to the top, though, and hit the buzzer and everything.

No one wanted to leave at the end. We all had such a good time, but we went home, and ate homemade chicken noodle soup and fresh bread and talked about what a good time we had at the corn maze. This will definitely be a yearly ritual for us.

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