Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chinese Culture Day

We ended up moving Chinese Culture Day to Thursday because we were going to go to the park with our friends on Friday. Instead, Zhara felt lousy with the same thing the rest of us had, so we skipped that. It ended up being fun, though. We had gotten some books on China at the library, so we looked through those. At lunch we made noodles, and ate with chopsticks. My kids love any excuse to eat with chopsticks. We also looked through the books for Chinese words and phrases and tried to a) remember them, and b) use them with each other.

We drove into town in the middle of the day and played at a park. Not traditionally Chinese, I suppose, but it was a lot of fun.

My kids are always the park daredevils.

For dinner we made Kung Pao chicken over rice, which everyone seemed to like a lot. We also made a special dessert. I was going to make almond cookies, but I was afraid that the kids wouldn't actually eat them, so I made almond cake instead. And they surely ate that.

Mmmmm, cake.

After that Zhara and Angus had karate. We talked about the fact that karate is Japanese, and Kung Fu is Chinese, but that both are martial arts and share many things in common. So that was how we rounded off our day of Chinese culture.

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