Saturday, October 2, 2010

Illness Breeds Creativity

So, yesterday, by our kid-created calendar, was supposed to be PJ Art Day. Well, we did stay in our pjs all day, mostly because I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I thought I might have strep, so I liberally dosed myself with oscillococcinum and the lemon balm honey that I make for sore throats. The body aches and exhaustion was treated by a combo of laying on the floor with a blanket while the kids played around me, and Adam leaving work early (after lunch) so that I could sleep. Of course, he felt bad, too, so we were quite a pair.

The kids made pumpkins out of construction paper in the morning, and then did a combo of play and TV in the afternoon. By evening, we were all sad not to be able to go to our good friend's party, and Unschooling Art Exhibit due to sickness, so we consoled ourselves with take out pizza.

Zhara then decided that she had an intense need to measure things. The kids have spent several days constructing long PVC tubing runs from the second floor, over the balcony, and onto the first floor. Several months ago, we were at Home Depot getting something, and they decided that they could not live without PVC tubing and connectors. It has been a favorite toy since. Anyway, Zhara spent time building a 15 ft long pipe to reach down from the balcony, then filling it with marbles from the top. Yes, we have a lot of marbles. Kansas City had an awesome marble store that we visited a lot, so we have acquired quite a few. Then she poured the marbles out, with some success, into various measuring cups and determined that she could get more than 3 cups of marbles in the tube. Then there was much measuring of the tube with the tape measure. It was all very scientific, and she had lots of fun.

Then in the evening, the illness-induced creativity took a less than productive turn when one child (not to be named as he/she feels very bad about it) decided to dust the TV, DVD player, and cable box in the basement with vinegar water, and shorted the whole shebang out. We are hoping that it dries and recovers in the morning, otherwise, we will be down to one TV in a 3 story house. The one in our bedroom. Le sigh. Anyway, time will tell the outcome of that one.

I awoke at 2 am, feeling better, and completely unable to sleep, so I have tossed, turned, prowled about, fed dogs, played on the internet, and thought it particularly useful to just go ahead and blog, so that I felt I had been productive... or something. :)

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