Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Halloween Outing

We headed to a local historic farm, Wheeler Farm, last Wednesday with our unschooling group. It was lots of fun, and was a great bonding experience for the moms. We rode the hay wagon, dressed in costume, petted animals, and played in a fun corn and straw maze. Sadly, it ended with a bang, in a bad way. One of our good friends, Stephanie, has a cracker jack 7 yo tree climber, Josh. He climbed way up in this amazing twisty tree that all the kids were playing on. Unfortunately, he lost his footing, fell almost 25 feet, and broke his arm and badly bruised his hip. As bad as the situation was, it did really solidify how close us mamas are becoming. We all pitched in, helped with the kids, drove Stephanie and Josh to the hospital, and watched Stephanie's other kids into the evening. It made me really proud to be part of a great group of kids and moms.

Jennifer's and my kids in their awesome costumes.

Angus, Eli, and Josh, pre-fall, in costume.

We spent a lot of time in the corn and hay maze.

Little girls on a tractor.

Gracie, Mary, Olivia, Zhara, and Sophie on the hayride.

It's a wagon full of unschoolers. Literally, we had the whole wagon!

Zhara, making herself comfy in the tree.

Josh's fateful climb up the tree.

While waiting for Jennifer to take Stephanie and Josh to the hospital, the kids passed the time by climbing in an open grave -- decorative only, thankfully.

Angus, back at Jennifer's house, entertaining Josh's sister, baby Lily, while they waited for their parents to leave the hospital. When in doubt, put a baby in a basket!

Winnie cooking herself at Ms. Jennifer's.

I am glad to report that Josh is now home and doing well. He'll soon have a hard cast that the kids can't wait to sign, and a great story to tell his grandkids some day.

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