Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Days...

Some days impromptu playdates keep mama from running away. Not every homeschooling day is easy, but all of them can be survived.

Apparently throwing sand in the pond is more fun when one is half naked.

"Fishing" sans bait and actual poles.

Jennifer came to pick up Owen this afternoon. Olivia went home late last night. It had been a trying morning between rambunctious dogs, a whiny toddler, and food aversions. We all took a walk to the park, and then the pond. We gathered fuzzy caterpillars and explored.

The kids needed it, and it was good, until we had to leave. Zhara couldn't handle Olivia leaving without making a fairy house in the woods. No amount of convincing that we would plan a whole fairy house making day for next week, and that we would spend the next few days gathering supplies would appease her. We walked for home, and she stayed behind to cool off. Jennifer's family headed home and the kids and I drove back to get her, but she was still not better. It took awhile to get her in the car. We headed to Target because I had put off going for three days and we desperately needed things. We bought premade lasagna for dinner because it's been that kind of a day.

We've had lots of kiddo tears and upset. I think we're all tired from two very busy days with friends. Regardless, mama's done and ready for daddy to be home. Come on, daddy!

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