Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Day of Sledding

We've had lots of snow lately. I mean, really, we live in Utah, of course we have. So, last weekend we took the kids sledding at Sugar House Park which has some of the best sledding hills ever. We all had a blast.

Winnie, not shockingly, was a fearless wonder when it came to the sled. She only got mad if she allowed you to ride with her, and then you dared to try and slow down slightly as you came to the bump at the bottom. She wanted to go full out, the whole time.

Zhara must have gone down this hill 100 times. She was quick as lightening getting back up. She wasn't ready to quit until her fingers literally froze and it started snowing again really hard.

One of the times Winnie actually allowed Adam to ride with her. You go REALLY fast on a saucer sled when you add a 250 pound dad to it.

Zhara trying out some trick moves.

Angus started out only wanting to sled about 1/2 down the hill, but he worked his way up to being brave enough to do the whole thing. He looks like a total ski dude here, doesn't he?

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