Monday, January 31, 2011

More Imbolc Crafts

Today we did the last of our crafts getting ready for Imbolc. We decided to do the candle project featured on the Pooka Pages. We purchased some small pillar candles and the kids and I used stickers, glue, and dried calendula petals from our garden from last year, to decorate them with. We then painted over what we stuck to the candles with warm wax from another burning candle to seal all of the items to the candle. We will burn them on Imbolc to welcome the light of the sun back. Of course, today it is snowing and sleeting, so it doesn't much feel like the warmth is returning to the Earth, but we'll do what we can.

Honestly, we feed our children, Wednesday is just generally too busy to sit and eat much,
but I am aware that she's a skinny kiddo.

Our finished candles.

Then we got out some wheat, corn husks, and raffia to make the corn dolly that we will carry into the house and leave by the fire to symbolize Goddess Brighid. Also I made a Brighid's cross or sun star. It will be blessed the night of Imbolc Eve and hung in the house to protect it throughout the year.

The kids had more fun making their own crafts with the items. The most popular was corn husk fans.

Angus's corn husk fan is apparently a Power Rangers Fan that works as a weapon.

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