Thursday, January 27, 2011

Of Blankets, Stars, and Brighid

Imbolc is also traditionally a time in pagan culture when the Goddess Brighid travels from house to house to visit. We will craft a little dolly to lay out to welcome her by the fireplace, as she is the Goddesss of Fire and the Hearth. She also has the power to heal, and so today we read a wonderful story from the Pooka Pages (an awesome kids site). The story talked about traditions, sickness, and healing. It is tradition to place a blanket out in front of your home the night of Imbolc, and as Brighid passes by, she blesses the blanket. The blanket is then used all year long when someone is sick or sad to cheer them up and help them feel better. The kids discussed it, and decided that they each wanted to lay out their own blanket, so they wouldn't have to share if they all felt bad at once. So we walked through the house and identified which blanket each one wanted to lay out for their special blanket for the year.

We also talket about the need to thank the Goddess for visiting us, and bestowing good wishes on our house. So, since Brighid is also a Goddess of Poetry, we decided that over the next few days prior to Imbolc, we would write a poem of thanks to leave for her. We will also leave a snack for her, and her cow that travels with her, to nibble on as they pass by.

Also before Imbolc, we plan on making St. Brighid's Crosses or Sun Stars. Traditionally, these are made each year from reeds and then on Imbolc they are placed in the house for good luck and protection throughout the year. Next year, the sun stars will be put in the fire and new stars will take their place. Helping to remind us all of the circle of life that each year represents.

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  1. I love that you burn the ones from last year. Thanks for sharing all of this info, it is fascinating!