Monday, January 17, 2011

Playing PVC Telephone

Remember when you used to play telephone as a kid. Maybe with a tin can and a string. Well, over the past day, my kids decided to take it to a new level. Last year we bought a bunch of PVC tubing and connectors at the hardware store one day and the kids have spent months playing it with in every possible capacity. Last night, Zhara started making a telephone out of it in the living room.

It was originally designed as a wake up alarm, apparently, for people who fell asleep on the couch. There was a lot of testing, including some involving animals, I'm sorry to say.

Thankfully, the testing was completely humane, and the animal appeared to actually enjoy being included in the activity.

Then there was a discussion of a need for more PVC building materials and connectors, as well as some stabilizers, so we headed to Home Depot after lunch. We obtained about another $20 worth of materials, came home, and I cut PVC tubing to the required lengths specified by Zhara, using the chop saw. Then they decided that they had so many more awesome pieces, that it should actually be a permanent telephone system between their rooms. So they (and when I say they, I really mean Zhara, with a little help from me) set about building an elaborate PVC telephone system.

Thankfully, the rooms at the new house are very close together.

There is a bit of a step over to get into the bathroom now, but no one seems to mind.

Please avoid noticing the nastiness of Zhara's room. She doesn't mind, and we close the door when others come to visit. :)

Zhara is pointing out that her telephone end is fitted with a valve, so she can turn her brother and sister off, if they won't stop talking.

Angus's goes up to his top bunk.

It goes around the corner, into and through our room, and into Winnie's room, which, yes, is actually a large closet, but she doesn't mind, and we ran out of extra rooms.


  1. Your kids are so clever. I would never have thought of anything like this.

    Kathi Sewing, Knitting, Candle Making, Homeschooling Mama

  2. very cool! I love PVC pipes. Our kids built a cat playground out of PVC pipes and carpet tiles awhile back, which got no use at all from the old cats, but which the kitten is now enjoying.