Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Seasons Change and So Do I

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As most if you know we have been preparing for Imbolc. It is a time when we start the preparations for Spring, and welcoming back warmer weather and longer days.

In keeping with that theme we were more than happy to get to attend the Salt Lake City Seed Swap yesterday. The whole family went, as did some of our friends and their families. We took some of our extra left over seeds and seed potatoes and traded them for loads of new ones.

Zhara and her friend Olivia took our giant leftover bag of sunflower seeds around and came back with a huge handful of seed packets to try in their own little plot.

In a few weeks we will begin to start our seedlings and see what new things we can grow this year from the swap.

All the kids had a blast running around, snacking on the free food, and then square dancing to the band that was playing. It was an absolutely wonderful time.

I personally believe it is crucial to our survival as a species to teach our children where their food comes from, and involve them in growing it. It was wonderful last night to see all the families there doing the same thing with their children. It was definitely a beautiful community experience.

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