Monday, November 23, 2009

Dinos & More

Anyone who knows Angus, knows that he is a lover of the dinosaurs. He spends a great deal of time trying to decide whether his future career will be a professional drummer or paleontologist. I have tried to convince him that he can easily do both, at least if he goes more amateur on the drumming side, but, you know, he is a boy who likes a concrete plan.

We spent quite a bit of time today reading from the dinosaur non-fiction readers we found at the library last week. He has long ago run through the entire picture book and reference dinosaur sections, but the readers have added a whole new area of dinosaur books to us. Of course, he is not "reading" them, but he is being read to, and there is a lot of interesting information aimed at his age range in there. We read about predators, teeth, and herbivores/carnivores today. It doesn't hurt that we were happly snuggled up together on the couch reading while Winnie was napping.

Tomorrow Zhara is going to the farm to spend a couple of days with grandma and papa before we go down there for Thanksgiving. She'll help grandma drive the tractor, clean the chicken coop, get Thanksgiving stuff together, and generally be spoiled rotten. She will love it.

Adam and I have started working on getting Winnie into her own bed. Mainly because when she's in ours (all the time) she is waking up and waking us up like 5-6 times a night and not sleeping. Ugh, mama's tired and wants her boobies back. I checked out the No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers from the library. Gonna see if we can gently work it a little to help the girly (and us) get a better night's sleep.

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