Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where in the World?

Yep, Zhara has started playing Carmen San Diego. She is liking it, though sometimes it takes a little extra help.

Today I joined the Yahoo group for living math, as I think that she will really like some of the ideas that they have for math. She loves contextual math, and I think it will give us some fun projects.

Tonight Zhara is going to the art show with me to help me sell my soaps and bath products. She is excited to get to play cashier. There you go -- contextual math right there!

We have been working hard on reading our Kaya books for the American Girl Club tomorrow. One more chapter and we are done. The whole family is enjoying learning more about the Nez Perce Indians. Tomorrow she will get to craft her spirit animal out of clay at the group. She has decided that she wants her spirit animal to be a horse, so we can make that work, I think.

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