Thursday, November 12, 2009

Science at the Park

Angus took this photo all by himself. Isn't it gorgeous this time of year?

So we did end up going to the park today, despite what started out as very chilly temps. We walked all over and took pieces of the microscope kit to collect "samples." The kids picked up pine cones, acorns, rose petals, pond water, and lots more. Tomorrow I think we will prepare slides and look at our finds under the microscope. They love that so much.

Zhara collecting berries for tomorrow's microscope project. She was amazing at spotting stuff, and then had a great time putting it in it's investigation container.

Can't pass up a sweet moment between a brother and a sister. Give her a hug, Angus. Everyone thought this ravine was gorgeous, we had to stand and look for awhile.

We're being crazy... look at our butts. So I took the picture for them. What else was I gonna do??? Heck, later they hugged and were super cute, you saw the picture.

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