Wednesday, November 11, 2009

King Henry and my girl

So, Zhara and I started reading the Princess Diaries Elizabeth I today. She loves it. Loves it. We read like 1/4 of it in one fell swoop. She loved finding out about King Henry's wives and the beheadings and Elizabeth's banishings. Just loved it. Wow, this is amazing. I cannot wait to work our way through all of them. Zhara loves history, but she doesn't like reading it in textbook or non-fiction like form. Well, heck, neither do I, I mean it's history -- it was made BY people who lived and loved and died and did bad and good things. It's so much better to read and learn it as it actually happened, albeit with a bit of fictional license in diary first person form. Plus, as a child of a British citizen, I feel it is almost my duty to help her learn about British history.

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