Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Busy Week

Last week we painted and remodeled our TV room where the family hangs out the most, so we didn't post here much. Zhara turns out to be an amazing painter. She had a good time helping, and now it looks great.

We've also been insanely busy for the past two weeks with Halloween activities. From friends, to trick-or-treating, to trunk-or-treating, trips to the living farm, and parties. We've been quite the social butterflies in that respect. We carved bunches of pumpkins. It was awesome and we will definitely do tons of pumpkins again next year, as we got lots of compliments on them from trick-or-treaters. Costume pictures to follow.

This week we have a totally busy week of fun activities. We are going to see the Body play at JCCC, we have Art Through History, American Girl Club, and another art program at the Nelson... this time Mythological Creatures. So excitement, and most likely many more pictures here to come.

And for your daily, why I love unschooling moment... this morning Zhara rolled out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen squinting at the light and rubbing her eyes and the first thing she said to me was, "hey, mom, I figured out what 4 time 12 is. It's 48." Good morning, Sunshine, yes it is.

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