Saturday, November 7, 2009

Museum Fun

American Girl Club was a success. Zhara made two clay horses for her spirit animal and has been saying Katsee-yow-yow for thank you for two days. Love it. I think we're going to read another Kaya book, as she is really getting into the story.

We didn't get to go to Art Through History this time due to a younger child meltdown, but we will try again next time.

Yesterday at the Nelson was awesome. We took a Mythological Creatures class with KC Homeschool. It was lots of fun. The kids got to see examples of mythological creatures in several different art pieces in the museum -- mermaids, dragons -- lots of fun. Then they created their own. Wednesday made an orange bear, Zhara a futuristic penguin, and Angus a dragon. They turned out awesome. They cut, glued, drew, used oil pastels, collaged scrapbook paper onto them, and then painted over them with water colors. Our art teacher was very good, and the kids learned a lot. I think we will definitely do more HS classes at the Nelson. Each of the kids has a good time at them.

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