Monday, September 21, 2009

Day One: The Adventure Begins

We had fun today. We really did. I am amazed how I am drawn to letting her chose her own subjects and do her own thing. She seeks out things that I never would have thought she would find interesting, and she's really good at them.

She had an absolute blast today doing her math games. We got the Brain Quest math cards with 6 questions on each one. She did a great job, even adapting to some questions that she didn't expect to be able to do, and figured them out. Double digits multiplication, some geometry questions, comparing fractions, and a start of division. I was really impressed by how she figured it out herself when just prompted by a couple of questions to think about a problem a different way.

We read 4 chapters of The Three Musketeers. Angus is loving it. The boy really loves his sword fights.

This morning Zhara worked on some of the Rosetta Stone spanish, and we read through some of the germ workbook. She did not care for the on-line Infection game from the Natural History Museum. I don't blame her, it looked pretty boring. We did go to the library today and found a bunch of new books, including several on germs and epidemics. Who knew my girly-girl would be into learnign about infectious epidemics. Whatever, sounds cool to me. She drug out the microscope last night and is insisting that tonight or tomorrow we try and see what we can see in it. She wants to see germs. She really loved the blown up germ pictures and models in the kid's epidemic book we got from the library. Who knew they even made kid's epidemic books, I mean, really!

Yeah, so also, who knew that I would be the person starting to be drawn to child-driven unschooling-ish ideas. So not fitting with my super-planner self, but I can see it working for my kid, and it's crazy to watch, it really is.

We got a very sweet e-mail from Zhara's class today, saying that they are reading her blog and keeping up with what she's doing in homeschool and letting us know what they're doing in regular school. We are very lucky to have gotten such an awesome 3rd grade teacher who is so willing to keep the lines of communication open, while still allow Zhara to seek her own learning path here at home.

Okay, must get ready to go to Zhara's guitar lesson.

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  1. Sounds awesome! And yeah, I was surprised to find myself drawn to child-led unschooling too. But I love it!!