Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, we withdrew from public school, so I guess here we go.

Zhara now has her own blog on a link to this page. Feel free to check it and see "Whats' Zhara Doing?" :) Each day I plan on having her do a short journal time on it, so we can keep up with what she's doing and to keep her writing.

We have a basic weekly plan for now. It very well may change as time goes along. We are going to do rotating subjects for Math/Science, and Social Studies/Language. Every two weeks we will switch to the other two core subjects. Basically because I want to see what she is actually retaining after a short break. That has been some of the problems that we have dealt with with public school

Her teacher was great about it, and has offered help when and if we need it, as well as some great resources. She has been a terrific teacher and will be missed, but I think we will still see her frequently. We have plans to drop by school some and e-mail regularly to keep in touch.

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