Monday, September 28, 2009

Ren Fest & Bill Nye

Yesterday we went to the Renaissance Festival with Adam's dad and step-mom. Not my favorite place in the world, but the kids had fun, and Zhara has decided to be a fairy for Halloween, and Angus a knight. Pictures to follow at some point. No offense to those of you who adore Ren Fest... it's just not my thing.

We went to the library while Angus was at preschool this morning, and picked up the Bill Nye video we had requested on Germs, as well as a bunch of new books. It was good. The kids really liked watching it. Then while I was putting Winnie down for a nap, Angus and Zhara watched a National Geographic kids video on Dinosaurs.

Zhara beat the 3rd-5th grade math program yesterday. There are still some things she can do on it, but wow. I hope she isn't so far along now that the Singapore Math books I ordered (that still aren't here, yet) are too easy. Sigh.

Zhara has decided this is the list of things she would like to learn about this week:

fashion in Paris
how homes are heated
why honey bees are dying
working in the US/State/President workbook we got over the weekend at Sam's

Sounds good to me. Okay, off to help her with the workbook, then to the park, and music lessons.

Tomorrow we take the kitten to the vet for a check up. We will call it an impromptu field trip to the vet's. It has to be better than last time when the kids had to be there when the other cat got put down. Ugh, that was awful.

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