Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Doesn't Stop for Saturday...

At least it doesn't when you're unschooling, I realize. Today Zhara has been writing two stories -- one called "The Thanksgiving Turkey who does Math" and the other about "The Bunny of Multiplication." Apparently animals also REALLY like math.

Last night the older two went with Adam to the store to buy the Wii Fit we have been saving up for. Playing our good friend, Kerri's, has made us want one, too. We had a good time trying it out last night. This morning Angus amused us by showing us how to hit soccer balls with your head and how to trick the Wii when running by bopping the remote up and down and making your on-screen self fall down. He thought that was hilarious. He has also created a Mii named Ted that he is using as himself. Sometimes that child absolutely cracks me up.

After a tiring afternoon of running errands, Zhara and I started making soap to sell at the open house I am doing November 4th. It needs 4 weeks to cure. We are making more of the oatmeal lavender that we loved last time and also a chocolate and rose. She helped measure out the fats. I did the lye and water/herb combos. Then we discussed melting temperatures and chemical reactions. When you think about it, soap making is an EXCELLENT lesson in chemistry.

Now we are waiting on the solutions to reach their ideal mixing temp and I promised Zhara we would color her hair with the crazy semi-temporary hair color we got today. It should last for a couple of weeks and then slowly wash out. She is doing blue and black. Photos to follow.

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