Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PE Day

So today we did some work around home and then packed up the kitten and took her to the vet for her check up. There the kids learned a lesson about why we shouldn't use a Johnson County vet. Holy Smokes, expensive Batman, just for shots. So then we came home, found a low cost spay and neuter clinic and will be taking Lola there on Thursday for the actual surgery. It is, I kid you not, more than $300 cheaper. Money lesson learned.

We came home, had lunch, and then decided today was a day where we really needed to get out and do something, so we went to the indoor pool at the community center. We had a good time at "PE."

Tonight Angus has drum lessons. Tomorrow Winnie has her first reading hour of the fall at the library. Zhara will likely work on doing her research for her Kansas worksheet that we have been working on. Never a dull moment.

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