Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More on Tuesday

Spent the afternoon working on real world math. The kids found change around the house today and decided that they wanted to pool it and spend it. We went to Quik Trip. They had 87 cents. Zhara had to figure out how many lollipops they could buy at 10 cents a piece. She knew that they could get 8, but they decided that they didn't want 8 lollipops, so they instead chose to get 3 lollipops and 3 pieces of gum for 5 cents a piece. Zhara figured up how much it would be and how much she had to give the QT employee. They saved the rest and have decided to save up for an icey next time. They checked the price while there. It was fun and they had a good time figuring out the amount.

Then we took their lollipops to the park and read two more chapters of The Three Musketeers while they enjoyed their treats. Zhara has decided that she would like to learn more about France and Paris in particular, since we are reading a lot about Paris in the book. I am printing out some kid's Paris facts now and I figure we can look over them and talk about them tomorrow. Maybe we'll read A Tale of Two Cities, at some point also.

We played at the park with their friends, and this evening Zhara drew some on the computer and she and Adam did a science experiment with warm and cold water and a balloon to determine that molecules shrink and expand when exposed to differing temperatures.

Angus LOVED drum lessons and will be going each week now. My musical family...

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