Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun at the Library

We like the library. Okay, we love the library. Winnie has been there as long as she's "been." We go at least once a week. They know us by first name.

This is Winnie's personal librarian, Ms. Debbie. She is possibly the kindest, most gentle person I have ever met. She adores Wednesday in a way only a grandmother normally can. This is Debbie reading Winnie's beloved, Max and Ruby to her today at the library. Yes, Winnie is sitting behind her desk with her. Yes, she is on her lap. Yes, Ms. Debbie does think Winnie is brilliant and hangs the world. It is a match made in literary heaven.

Sometimes you have to just sit down and read the book right there. Zhara found some great drawing books today and is now working on drawing people. We found some Bill Nye videos we haven't seen and got those, as well as Math Blaster and Math Missions, math computer games. Ms. Debbie helped Zhara request a couple of books on being a fashion designer (her desired career since she was 2) from other libraries.

Z and I read some on France today and decided that we would make a French-inspired meal for dinner tonight. We found a kid's french cookbook at the library today. We have decided to make ham and cheese crepes and glazed carrots for dinner and strawberry and nutella crepes for desert. We stopped by the grocery store for a few extra supplies. Hope mom can make crepes without screwing them up too badly.

Tomorrow we are going to KU to the Natural History Museum. We found a kid's scavenger hunt on their website and printed it out so we would have a fun game to play while we're there. Angus never tires of staring at the dinosaurs.

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