Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Afternoon Downtown

Monday we forgot to mention that we spent the afternoon downtown. In a former life I was an attorney for the Public Defender's Office, so I still have many friends there. We headed downtown, which Winnie loves because she LOVES the skwhy-swrapers. And we traveled to the 19th floor of my old office building to visit the PD's office (and drop off girl scout cookies that Zhara had sold to an investigator and soap to my friend, Molly). Then we went to the federal building (another skyscraper) to visit the kids' old day care providers and deliver more cookies.

Then we decided to do a little community service. As a PD I spent many many hours in the detention center meeting with clients. Everytime I went, there were loads of kids there waiting to visit their parents. To visit someone in jail you have to be there 45 minutes in advance. So there are kids sitting there for almost an hour with nothing to do. We took two giant bags of old toys (most of them Little People) down to the jail and donated them to make a play area for the kids. I talked to my friend, Molly, today who said that she has seen tons of kids playing with them every time she's been over to visit clients this week. I am so glad. I think it's good for the kids to help other kids, especially ones that people don't necessarily think of.

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