Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Science: Day 2

Of Dinosaurs and Chemistry

We actually did two sciencey things today. First, we went to Homeschool Preschool Power Pals and did all kinds of dinosaur things. Angus could teach a class on dinos, so I wouldn't say he "learned" a lot, but he had fun basking in the fun of all things dinosaurs, and his sisters also enjoyed doing lots of crafts.

According to Angus, this is what he will look like when he is a "real paleontologist."

Then after lunch, we did our science experiment for the day. Today we decided to christen the new chemistry kit that Grandma and Papa gave us for Christmas. We did two experiments, both involving sodium carbonate. The first time we mixed it with vinegar, and it hissed, foamed, then bubbled. The second time we mixed sodium carbonate first with citric acid. Nothing happened. Then we mixed that combination with water and we got a similar reaction as the first experiment.

We learned that some reactions require the addition of a liquid to start it. We also learned that sometimes a reaction can be something turning from a solid to a gas when a liquid is added.


  1. Aw shoot, we meant to go to preschool power pals today too. Totally forgot what day it was... oh well, that is one of the bonuses of homeschooling, right?

  2. Yay, Mitch said you might come by. Oh well, next time. More dinosaurs next time, you know.